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Click on the link below to hear the sermon in an mp3 format.

Starting in April 2013, if you want to listen to a sermon that is not yet listed here, use the following format: Sermon, PM or AM, Date, .mp3.

Enter the title in after

For example:

If the sermon you want to hear is the evening sermon from April 22, 2013, you would enter:

September 25, 2011 PM Luke 11:1-2 - Our Father Which Art in Heaven

October 14, 2012 AM Luke 1:1-4 - A Faithful Narrative

October 14, 2012 PM Joel 1:1-4 - Judgment Begins at the Household of God

October 21, 2012 PM Joel 1:5-13 - Awake!

October 28, 2012 AM Luke 1:19-26 - She Hid Herself

October 28, 2012 PM Joel 1:14-20 - O Lord, to You I Cry Out

November 4, 2012 AM Luke 1:26-33 - YOU Shall Call His Name Jesus

November 4, 2012 PM Joel 2:1-11 - Sound an Alarm